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 Noix Jewelry - About Us

NOIX is a U.S. based online jewelry store founded as the dream of a group of young designers. Its main design perspective and purpose is to offer minimalist, timeless and stylish pieces that create elegance in simplicity, taking into account sustainability at every stage.

Almost all models use sterling silver (.925) as the base metal and gold or rhodium as the plating metal. While implementing its designs, it provides the entire procurement process of the necessary inputs within the borders of the United States.

NOIX deeply believes that fair pricing and affordability are integral parts of its business, as a manifestation to the current state of the industry in which it's located. In this sense, you can be sure that the fairest possible margin is applied to every product you buy.

As a team that also believes in the eternity of development and improvement, please write to us for any thoughts and information sharing: support@noixjewelry.com

Noix Jewelry - About Us
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