How do I know my ring size?

There are 3 different methods you can use to determine your ring size. The first and easiest method is to measure your finger with a string or strip of paper. Please wrap the strip of paper or rope around the base of your finger where you will wear your ring, and then mark where the paper is overlapped. This measure in millimeters or inches is the measure of the circumference of your finger. Then you can determine the corresponding ring size from our size chart.

The second method is to use a ring you already have and that fits well on your finger. You can measure the inner diameter of this ring from the inside of the ring with a ruler. You can determine the ring size corresponding to the measurement in millimeters or inches by looking at the measurement table.

As the third and last method, you can use a printable finger size gauge chart that you can easily find on the internet. When printing, please make sure that the print scale is set to 100% and the "fit to page" box is unchecked, otherwise the dimensions will appear larger or smaller than they should be. After printing, you can find the exact size by placing the ring in the corresponding circles in the guide.
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